sitemap<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Radio Auroral Expedition</TITLE> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <LINK rel="stylesheet" href="ve4.css" type="text/css"> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#000000" text="#00cc00" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"> <hr color="red" size="2" width="90%"> <center> <font color="red"><h2>* 1/22/04 * The VE4/K9MU and VE4/KG0VL grid expedition is now QRT. </h2> <h3>Thanks to all those who listened for us. To read the expedition summary and view pictures click <a href="VE4summary.html"> here</a>. </h3></font> </center> <hr color="red" size="2" width="90%"> <br> <br> <a href="ArcticGridExpeditionRussian.html"><img border=0 src="images/UAflag.gif" align="left"> (for our trans-polar friends)</a><center><img src="auanimation.gif"><FONT size="6"> Winter Arctic Grid Expedition</font><img src="auanimation.gif"></center> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="3" WIDTH="100%"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="60%"> <FONT size="7"><i>&nbsp;VE4/K9MU - EO15<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;VE4/KGVL - EO26</i></font> </td> <TD WIDTH="40%"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <img src="images/ve4header3.jpg"> </p> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <hr color="00cc00" size="3" width="95%"> <br> <center> <h1> QRV January 3rd, 2004</h1> <h2>HF, 50, 144, 903 Mhz </h2> Liaison 7.268 Mhz (Days), 3.958 Mhz (Evenings)<br> <font color="red"> Because of increased traffic on 7.268 we will also monitor 7.265 +/- </font> </center> <br> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="3" WIDTH="100%"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="50%"> <P ALIGN="top"> Jeffrey (<a href="">KG0VL</a>) and I (<a href="index.html">K9MU</a>) will depart St. Paul, MN at 11:30am on January 1st. We will arrive at Emerson, Manitoba for entrance inspection around 6:00pm CDT and spend the night in Winnipeg. We will depart the next morning at around 8:00am and reach Grand Rapids (EO04) around 3:00pm. After a 12-hour journey we will finally arrive in Thompson (55 degrees, thirty minutes North, EO15!). For now on our homes will be our trucks. We will wake around 9:00am and begin to look for a good radio locale in EO16! A day will be spent assembling and tuning antennas at that specific locale. As I go QRV from EO16 Jeffrey will travel on towards Gillam, Mb (EO26). He will be QRV from EO26 on January 4th with a similar station.<br> <br> <center><img src="images/qrvinve4.jpg"></center> <br> While mobile, I will be QRV on 6M (halo and 100w), 2M (pair of 2M7 s and 100w). When at the EO16 site, the 50 Mhz 5 element yagi and G5RV will be utilized. Jeff will have similar operating conditions, except he will have a pair of 2M9 s on 2M along with 400w on both 50 and 144 Mhz! </TD> <TD WIDTH="50%"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <img src="images/manitoba1.gif" usemap="#manitoba1" border="0"><br>These are not exact locations. </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </P> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="3" WIDTH="100%"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="40%"> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <img src="images/yagiau.jpg"> </TD> <TD WIDTH="60%"> <b>Our daily routine will consist of the following:</b> Arrive at the radio site at 0000 utc (6pm CDT) and connect all antennas. Begin a nightly experimentation of auroral soundings on various VHF frequencies. Depart the radio site at approximately 0800 utc (2am local), or as conditions dictate, for the drive back into Thompson/Gillam. We will sleep until 10am, and head back for the radio site for the daily sporadic Es and diurnal magnetic peaks near noon. Then, back to the Hotel at 1 or 2pm for a nap. This process will be repeated for the next couple of weeks. <br> We will monitor our HF liaison frequencies at the top of the hours for five minutes (0000-0800utc). Please look for us then!<br> <br> Thanks for your time and remember to keep your antennas north! <br> 73 s de Justin VE4/K9MU and Jeffrey VE4/KG0VL </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </P> <hr color="00cc00" size="2" width="90%"> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="3" WIDTH="100%"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="90%"> <b>The Reasoning Behind EO36 and BP75</b><br> A letter from Jeffrey (KG0VL)<br> <br> I m sure most of you have been wondering why my endeavors originate from these two locales. It s no accident that these two Northern sites were chosen as a spot of personal research for nearly ten years now. From the aurora standpoint, the interesting values are the site s relationship to one another in regards to their magnetic location. Put simply, the BP75xw beacon site is situated at 66.4283N, whilst the EO36dr spot is 66.6588N (terms geo-magnetic). Thus, the magnetic latitude deviation between the two spots is less than .230 of a degree. The path is 1,735 miles long, with a heading of 313 or 133 degrees, placing the midpoint roughly between the villages of Rae and Yellowkinfe in the Northwest Territories. (too bad the DP22/b is not qrv!)<br> <br> The main objective of my time in the North has been to record (in detail) the time, direction, signal strength, frequency and relative qsb levels of aurora-propagated signals along like paths. This data is later correlated to local magnetometer readings from sites in, along, or near the path. After nearly ten years of study, there are numerous questions that are difficult to answer either mathematically or even logically. As time goes by, the answers to these questions may come forward.<br> <br> I appreciate your time in reading the above and coming to the site. For those of you interested, the BP75xw/b is transmitting on 50.065 from near the village of Circle, Alaska. The beacon is running nearly 100 watts to a horizontal Par Omni, with a keying speed of about 20wpm. <br> <br> 73, and thank you<br> Jeffrey </td> <td width="10%"> &nbsp; </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </P> <hr color="00cc00" size="2" width="90%"> <map name="manitoba1"> <area shape="rect" alt="The K9MU Home Page" coords="178,229,239,258" href="index.html" title="The K9MU Home Page" target="new"> <area shape="rect" alt="The KG0VL Home Page" coords="275,207,349,246" href="" title="The KG0VL Home Page" target="new"> <area shape="default" nohref> </map> <center> <h4><a href="" target="_top"><img border="0" alt="Counters" src="" ALIGN="middle" HSPACE="4" VSPACE="2"></a> pages viewed since September 10th, 2003.</h4><br> </center> &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="newblinking.gif"><a href="skeds.html"><font face="Arial" size="4" color="#ff0000">EO16 Meteor Scatter Schedules (FSK441) </font></a><img src="newblinking.gif"> &nbsp;<li><a href=""> Current weather conditions in Gillam, Manitoba </a> &nbsp;<li><a href="aurorabeacon.html"> K9MU/W9JN temporary aurora beacons</a> <br> </body> </html> <br> <br> <br>