Geomagnetic Field:
VHF Aurora:
Radio Aurora Status
50 Mhz
Station Description File Type
Au Es May 15, 2005 Storm VE7DUB and VA6SZ 59+ on Aurora Es MP3
K0GUV/B Ol' Chirpy 59A MP3
VE4SPT/B via Auroral Es MP3
K0KP/B K0KP/B Duluth, MN just starting to go auroral MP3
Solar Rush Strong solar static rush from X-flare MP3
VA6SZ VA6SZ 30 over! AU Es MP3
W7FI Loud on AU Es MP3
KG0VL/P Jeffrey portable from DN88 MP3
VE4GIL/VY0 Gil operating 6m from EP18! MP3
K9HMB K9HMB on F2 backscatter MP3
K0MN Gottcha Dick! MP3
K9MU K9MU auroral in June VHF contest. Recorded by W9AFB MP3
VP2E 2X Es MP3

HF Misc.
Station Description File Type
3B9C Working 3B9C on first call @ W0AIH MP3
SK9HQ SK9HQ vs. 3V8BB "The frequency stealer" MP3
KL2A/K9PG KL2A and K9PG playing on 20 meters WAV
WY4N WY4N "What's a tango tango?" MP3
ZF2MM ZF2MM(K9PG) Fastest 10 minute rate WAV
TAPE 1 NCCC Tape 1 - Operating techniques for the inadequate contester MP3
TAPE 2 NCCC Tape 2 - Sweepstake follies MP3
TAPE 3 NCCC Tape 3 MP3
EU LIDS What a little mineral spirit consumption can do. Callsigns withheld. WAV
AUDIO FIGHT 1 Low band HF at its finest... MP3
AUDIO FIGHT 2 Audio fight continued... MP3
AUDIO FIGHT 3 It gets physical... MP3