Contest Results 2006


2004 September VHF QSO Party


This was my first Multi-Multi effort (with low power). We operated from the W0UC/W0AIH (EN44) contest station and used the Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters club call: K9CVC! My main goal was to get some new operators on the air and show them what a VHF contest is like. I was very surprised! After a couple hours QRV both Amber, KC9FVW and Dave, KC9FQD were acting like pros. They quickly learned the benefit of passing mults and strategies of maximizing their QSO rate. Darrell, K9AIH was the 432 operator and Dave, N9TTX joined us midway through the contest after his rotor blew up! N9TTX was in charge on 222, 902, and 1296. The bands were pretty good and near the end of the contest there was some tropo to MI, OH, IN, and EM26. KB8U and K9EA both in EN71 were worked on 144 and 222. Clean sweeps with W9ZIH (EN51), K2DRH (EN41), and K2YAZ (EN74). We fianlly got KM0T (EN13) and K0AWU (EN37) on 1296!! It was nice hearing so much activity and thanks to all of the rovers for keeping the bands alive. Go CVVHF! Loads of pics here!

50Mhz 116/31, 144Mhz 157/36, 222Mhz 54/20, 432Mhz 74/19, 902Mhz 12/5, 1296Mhz 25/12

Totals 440 x 124 = 80,352

2004 June VHF QSO Party


1st Wisconsin, 4th Nation! What a contest! I was privileged enough to operate at the old W0UC site on W0AIH's antenna farm near Fall Creek, WI. Paul has large stacked yagis and huge towers. I transported all my equipment from home and operated from the 20M “bomb shelter”. It took many rainy days to sort heliax, add extensions, and figure which coax went where. It was worth the effort! I set my all-time record with 82,488 points, finally beating N9DG (sorry Duane)! Al, N9ISN, also made a fabulous effort from EN44. Many stations from the Chippewa Valley were QRV for the contest. Chris, KC9FVT, contested for his first time and did well on 2M and 6M. Things are looking good for the Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters! Rock on guys!

The W0UC Multi-Multi station should once again be QRV in a couple years. So watch out W2SZ and K9NS, W0UC is back!

2004 June VHF QSO Party
Band QSO's Grids
50 193 96
144 82 32
222 22 10
432 47 19
902 11 4
1.2 15 7
Total 370 168
Claimed Score 82,488

2004 January VHF Sweepstakes

This contest was a blast! Increased activity and enhanced groundwave conditions (to IL, IN) provided some high qso totals on 6, 2, and 432. Almost 100 Q's and 26 grids on 2M (usually about 60 X 20) and 33 X 10 on 432 with just 5 watts! No 6M Es but had terrific morning scatter and aurora!
6M aurora contacts include (excerpt from CT log):

N8UUP 59 EN82 EN82
W9GA 59 EN53
KB8U 59 EN71 EN71
K8OM 59 EN42 EN42
W0OSP 59 EN17 EN17
KC0LXB 59 EN34
WA1UJU 59 EN53
W9FZ/R 59 EN33
K0KFC 59 EN34
K8MD 59 EN82
W0TF 59 EN08 EN08
VE4AMU 59 EN19 EN19
W9RM 59 EN52 EN52
K8CC 59 EN82
And a person can't foget N8CJK (the AU King). Thanks Greg for the company on the AU while everyone was sleeping!

Thanks to W9FZ/R EN45 for providing some excitement during the end of the contest. My best January test ever! 29,382 with antennas at 30ft. and on a TV rotor :-) Thanks for all the contacts. I had lots of fun.

2004 January VHF Sweepstakes
Band QSO's Points Grids
50 103 103 40
144 95 95 26
222 17 34 4
432 33 66 10
902 8 32 2
1.2 6 24 1
Total 262 354 83
Claimed Score 29,382


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