Contest Results 2006


2005 September VHF QSO Party


This one was for the young contesters out there.
2005 September VHF QSO Party
Band QSO's Grids
50 110 65
144 51 20
222 8 3
432 10 2
Total 179 80
Claimed Score 17,730

2005 June VHF QSO Party


* Results update - 3rd in nation SOLP! *
There was a reduction in my final score, 5.2% to be exact (164,802 to 156,247). Yes, I may have made a couple mistakes, but to lose 11 qso's and 4 grids on 6m and 8 qso's and 2 grids on 2m seems "out-of-line". This reduction cost me the June record. I'm sure I had no dupes in my log and I'm certain callsigns were copied correctly. I would like to see the data responsible for my point reductions. Is it really my copying skills or just a log infraction? I want to know the actual errors. Log checking reports should be made available for the VHF contests.

I Guess I'll have to set the record in 2006.

I again operated from the W0AIH/W0UC contest site in Fall Creek, WI (EN44hr). Since the W0UC station was torn down many of the antennae have fallen apart and coax has deteriorated thus developing poor SWR on almost all bands.  W0AIH and I spent many hours this spring repairing antennae and fixing SWR problems. Although we made some progress there are still plenty of things to fix. The 6M and 2M stacks are useless, the microwave dishes are nonexistent, and the 432 stack still has a 3:1 SWR. W0AIH put up a small 30 foot tower so I could utilize my 432/902/1296 yagis.  A week before the contest I started transporting all my radio equipment from my house to the new VHF chalet at W0UC.  I ran the bands with KB9PJL, proving all my equipment in working order!! Since KB9PJL was going to be on a rove to the U.P. of Michigan he gave me his 10 Ghz portable equipment to use.

My goal for June was to finally break that 100k barrier. The contest started slow with little activity and strong lightning static crashes. I found K0MHC/R in EN26 right away and swept him through 1296 with good signals! My 902/1296 was working great! I swept both KC0IYT/R and KF0Q/R from several grids. K0AWU, KM0T, W0JT, N0KP, W0GHZ, W9GA, KB0ZKX, K2YAZ, K2DRH, W9FZ/R, and W0ZQ/R all had nice signals on 1296! I was very impressed! Things were finally looking good.

A severe thunderstorm blew over forcing me to disconnect equipment. It passed with no equipment casualties. Six meters opened at 23:15z to W5 and it never really completely ended. QSO machines like K5 "texas radio", W5PR, and W5KFT were always in. The 'ol Wilson yagi got a work out. A real highlight was having VP5/N4VHF FL31 call me while pointed at Texas. I ran some 6M and 2M WSJT skeds Sunday morning with good success.

The rovers and all the crazy EN44'ers kept me busy until the BIG aurora opening!! At 1905z, I was pointing south and heard K0KP cq'ing with almost a hashy note to his signal. I swung the beam around to the NE and Rex was booming in 59A!! All hell broke loose! 6M and 2M were packed full of strong sigs. Signals on 6M were peaking at 070 QTF. The highlight of 6M aurora was having VE4EE EO10, WB8BZK/VE3 EO40, VA6AN EO42, and VE3KRP EN58 call me in a row! What could be better than working three EO grids in a row! W9FZ/R and W0ZQ/R were also worked via aurora with their dipoles. Several aurora QSO's were made on 144 and 222. I also heard K9NS and a couple others on 432 aurora.

144 Aurora:

   1910    N2PA FN12
   1935    WZ8T EN72
   1949    W9FZ/R EN54
   1955    W4IY FM08
   2006    W3SO FN00
   2009    W2KVK FN20
   2011    K8CC EN82
   2012    K8MD EN82
   2012    K8MR EN91
   2013    K9ZO EN50
   2138    K1TEO FN31
   2149    WA3LTB EN92
   2149    W4RX FM19
   2153    K9MRI EN70
   2155    WA8WOQ EN82
   2236    W0FY EM48
   2258    K2ERG FN13
   2302    KC9GRF EN44
   2345    WQ0A EN34
   2348    VE3KRP EN58
   2355    N4GN EM78
   2356    W8DN EN70

222 Aurora:

   1937    WZ8T EN72
   1947    N2PA FN12
   2141    W4IY FM08
   2146    K8GP FM08
   2158    N9LR EN50

When the aurora slowed down, N0AKC and I attempted a 10 Ghz sked. I took the 10 Ghz tripod outside and found a clear view though the trees and proceeded to work N0AKC and his sons on 10GHZ CW/SSB!  Those QSO's put me over the 140k hump! With my personal goal already smoked I now had my eyes set on the WI record, set by W0UC in 2000 at 160k. With only an hour and a half remaining,  I needed to haul. I put on some old school Limp Bizkit, turned the operating skill knob up a notch, and continued to kick some ass. W9FZ/R was on full force, cranking out the Q's from EN45. During the last minutes of the test, KF0Q/R pulled over for us EN44'ers and ran us though the bands from EN35, giving me a much needed new one on 902! The contest ended with the usual… K2DRH "the shark" on a feeding frenzy!

Overall the contest was a blast! Setting both my personal goal and the WI SOLP record! My thanks goes out to W0AIH for all his tower/antenna knowledge, W0UC for using his antennae, and all the BC'ers, NLRS'ers, and CVVHF'ers for the hundreds of QSO's!

2005 June QSO Party
Band QSO's Points Grids
50 270 270 104
144 110 110 47
222 45 90 25
432 54 108 23
902 20 60 13
1296 24 72 14
10 Ghz 4 16 1
Total 527 726 227
Claimed Score 164,802
New claimed WI SOLP section record!

Who to top   TOTAL FINAL 50 144 222 432 902 1296 2304 3456 5760 10000 24000 47 GHz+
W0UC EN44 SOLP 552 222 160,824 315 130 108 32 37 18 57 22 8 5 21 10 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1        

2005 January VHF Sweepstakes


Hmm... where to start? First off, a week before the contest my main radio IC-746 blew up. I had a backup FT-736 but only 20w on six and two. With a limited amount of power I wasn't too enthusiastic about sitting through the whole contest. I broadcasted my need for assistance and thankfully many people from the Eau Claire area volunteered to help me out. Bob, KB9PJL, loaned me his spare FT-100d (100w on 6m), Charlie, N0AKC, loaned me his RF concepts 170w 2M amp, and Chris, W9CDL, spared his RF concepts 432 brick and radio interface (for WSJT). Thanks guys!!! With all the help, I decided to Op from the the W0UC station in Fall Creek. We received about 10 inches of snow the night before the contest. I called Paul, W0AIH, to get a snow report and he stated that the roads and his driveway had not been plowed yet. He said he would give me a call when the plow truck comes through. Paul called around 10:30am and I didn't get out there until after 11:30am. The typical contest rush was in full swing! The heavy amount of snow we received prevented me from erecting my portable mast for the 902 and 1296 yagis. So right away I was out of two bands. At W0UC's, the 6m beams and rotors where not working properly and the 432 and 144 stacks developed a poor SWR since the Sept. contest. Once it got dark I could not see where the yagis were pointing. My equipment started to malfunction and I accidentally fired too much power into Charlie's 2M amp and smoked it. I was fed up with my unfortunate luck and around 8pm Sat. night I decided to pack everything up and head back home. Once home, I reset-up my station again and made only a few more QSO's. Hopefully by June everything will be up and running smoothly again.

Hearing KC0IYT/R on 50-432 in both EN24 and 25!! (The only rover I heard).
Working K8EB EN73 on 2m with 20w and 10 element beam
Working NT0V EN08 on 6M aurora (also heard K0AWU and K0KP on aurora)
Huge amount of activity from EN44 again!

Only one rover
Little activity from Milwaukee/Chicago areas
Too much damn snow
(See above... :-( )

2005 January VHF Sweestakes
Band QSO's Points Grids
50 65 65 21
144 61 61 21
222 15 30 6
432 33 66 10
Total 174 222 58
Claimed Score 12,876



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